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Helping People Injured In Vehicles Under Recall

Staying on top of vehicle recalls is an easy way to be safe on the road. Car defects can cause unforeseen breakdowns and malfunctions. If your car begins to fail on the open road, drivers could be involved in collisions and receive serious injuries. Car owners are entitled to know if their vehicle has been recalled for any problems. If they are injured, a product liability case may be a good option.

The team at Moraitakis & Kushel, LLP. are here to help you know your rights if you have experienced harm from a recalled vehicle. Stay safe and learn more about vehicle recalls.

What Can I Do If My Car Has Been Recalled Or Has Defective Parts?

If you have found a defect in the design of your car that could potentially lead to collisions or personal injury, you are entitled to receive free replacements for defective parts. Contact your respective manufacturing dealership. If your vehicle is recalled under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you are all set for the free service of new parts.

If you were involved in an accident due to recalled parts, you may file a liability suit claim for the manufacturer of the vehicle. Since the car parts have been recalled, it’s already proven that the manufacturer is liable for damages.

How Can I Fix My Recalled Vehicle?

Take your vehicle to the manufacturer. They must either repair the vehicle, replace the vehicle, or refund the purchase price of the vehicle. Auto motive parts must meet the performance requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. If they do not, you are entitled to submit your car for a recall.

Your local dealership is the best place to contact for recall services. Manufacturers usually handle recalls through dealerships and their service departments. Once you receive a letter certifying your car needs new parts or a replacement, go to your local dealership to solve any discrepancies.

What About Car Emission Recalls?

Vehicles can also be recalled if they do not pass the federal emission standards. Emissions are chemical by-products released from the internal combustion of vehicles. Cars will not pass the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements if the levels of exhaust consist of a volatile amount of smog or pollutants.

Some past car models have been recalled such as the 2001 Toyota Prius and the 2007 BMW Mini Cooper. Stay alert for vehicles that fail the EPA requirements.

How We Can Help

If you have experienced personal injury or inadequate compensation for your recalled vehicle, contact Moraitakis & Kushel, LLP at 404-973-0341 or send us an e-mail. The first consultation is free. Contact us today!