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The Basics Of Product Liability

Product liability means that the vender or manufacturer of a product or good is accountable for any injury caused by the product. Legally, product liability falls into two main categories:

Manufacturing defects

If a product was designed properly, but something went awry in the production process (manufacturing, packaging, and sale), it is a manufacturer’s defect. Things can go wrong with the equipment, the process used to mix materials that make the product, assembly of the parts or with the product’s inspection process.

Design flaws

When the product has a design flaw, the problem may start with the prototype, the testing process or the failure to implement safety precautions and features in the development stage. Sometimes, the manufacturer or seller simply fails to warn users of known dangers associated with normal wear and tear on the product.

Product Liability Cases At Moraitakis & Kushel, LLP

As experienced product liability attorneys, we’ve recovered excellent compensation in product liability cases. We can engage in product liability litigation associated with:

  • Automobile defects including unstable vehicles, seatbelt defects, fuel-fed fires from defective fuel systems, airbag defects and other design and manufacturing defects
  • Consumer goods, especially children’s toys and baby items
  • Tools
  • Medical devices, such as hip implants, breast implants, pacemakers and recalled prescription drugs
  • Car parts, especially tires, brakes, fuel lines and airbags
  • Industrial equipment and machinery
  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Motorcycle parts, bicycles and ATVs
  • Improperly labeled household chemicals

We make full use of our combined 70 years of experience and all resources at our disposal when it comes to proving product liability. Because product liability proceedings are challenging and expensive, we carefully analyze the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine your chances of success.

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