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Work Related Burn Injuries

There are over 40,000 work-related burn injuries every year. These injuries can be caused by various accidents and events. Many times the accident is preventable and occurred due to another individual’s negligence, poor training, faulty equipment, or an employer disregarding safety regulations.

Types of Burns

Work related burns are most often thermal (exposure to heat), chemical, or electrical. People who work in factories or construction are at greater risk for these types of burns due to their exposure to flammable materials and things like water heaters and boilers.

Burns sustained are categorized in three different degrees: first, second, and third. First degree burns are superficial, causing the skin to become red and painful. Second degree burns burn the top two layers of skin, creating blisters. Third degree burns, are the most severe and burn all layers of the skin, creating areas that appear white or black and leathery.

Recovery from burns can be long and require multiple types of specialists and treatments. Even if you have a first degree burn it is important to seek medical attention, as complications can develop later.

Receiving Compensation

If you have been burned at work, it is important to seek legal advice. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance policy many businesses are required to have. Workers’ compensation is available to cover medical and therapy bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and a portion of lost wages for individuals hurt on the job.

Workers’ Compensation will take effect immediately upon the injured employee filing the “first report of injury” form; this also means the employee cannot sue their company in the future for the injury sustained.

While workers’ compensation covers most expenses, there may be other underlying third party claims that can supplement your workers’ compensation.

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