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Woman Awarded $1.3M after Losing Sight in Supermarket Fall

A Clayton County woman recently won a $1.3 million jury award because she lost her sight in her left eye after falling into the bagging station of a grocery store.

Ellen Myers claims she tripped on a wrinkle in a floor mat at the entrance of Food Depot in Rex, GA. The store disputed whether this was the cause. Yet Myers’ story never changed, giving the jury reason to believe she told the truth.

The accident took place on September 17, 2010, when Myers, 49, entered the store. She tripped and fell into the metal frame of the grocery bagging carousel, striking her face. Despite emergency medical care, Myers’ lost still lost vision in her left eye.

Clayton County State Court Judge Aaron Mason entered the $1.3 million judgment on April 2, following a weeklong trial that ended on March 29.

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