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Types of Public Transportation Accidents in Atlanta

Atlanta has over 6 million people within its borders. Every day, whether for work or leisure, a large percentage of the population commutes using public transit or transportation services such as the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA. MARTA consists of railways with 38 train stations as well as a network of bus lines.

However, in addition to subways and buses, public transportation also encapsulates a number of other modes of transport such as:

  • Taxis
  • Escalators
  • Limousines
  • Trolleys
  • Airport shuttles
  • Rideshares, like Uber and Lyft

Legal Duties of Public Transport Companies

Most businesses or companies licensed to operate as public transportation are heavily regulated and monitored by state and federal laws so that injuries or any harm to passengers can be avoided.

For instance, the carrier must make sure exits are kept clear, security is available when necessary, vehicles are maintained, there is no speeding, and that only qualified people are hired to operate and drive the vehicles. Unfortunately, not all of these rules are followed sometimes, resulting in public transportation accidents or injury.

Many insurance companies working for public transportation services will rush to settle out of court to avoid additional publicity and legal fees. That is why it is important to always consult an experienced, knowledgeable attorney before you agree to a settlement offered by a public transport agency or company.

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