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Trucking Company Ordered off the Road After Fatal Accident

Federal investigators looking into a trucking accident that killed one Illinois toll worker and seriously injured a state trooper discovered a company history of regulation violations and record falsification. Investigators have called the trucking company, DND International, an imminent hazard to public safety’. As a result, DND International trucks have been ordered off the road pending a complete investigation.

The fatal accident that spurred this investigation took place on January 27, 2014. Illinois toll worker Vincenzo Petrella pulled over with State Police Trooper Douglas J. Balder to help a disabled tractor trailer truck. While assisting with repairs, DND International driver, Renato Velasquez veered off the highway and crashed into the disabled truck.

The Petrella family is currently pursing law suits against DND International, and the driver, Renato Velasquez for negligence. According to state prosecutors, Velasquez slept only 3 ½ hours during his 37-½ hour shift. Investigators have since revealed a company history of trucking violations and serious falsification’ in diver log books.

Legally, truck driver shifts can only last 14 hours, with a maximum of 11 hours driving. Drivers are then required to take a 10-hour break between shifts to prevent fatigue. When trucking regulations about shift length are not followed, there is a higher possibility that drowsy truck drivers are behind the wheel.

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