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Truck Driver Looking at Facebook at Time of Crash

Last May, Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Tim Huffman was killed when truck driver Juan Espinoza ran into several emergency vehicles that were responding to a roadside accident. Investigators who examined the dashboard camera of Espinoza’s vehicle found that he was perusing Facebook and looking at pictures of scantily clad women at the time of the fatal crash.

Video evidence also revealed that Espinoza’s wallet was blocking the view of the dash camera as he plowed into 3 police cars and 2 fire trucks on Interstate 8 highway. Investigators allege that the 33-year-old truck driver intentionally placed his wallet in front of the dash camera so that he could look at or manipulate his phone’ without being recorded.

Just before impact, another police officer was seen waving frantically in an attempt to get Espinoza’s attention. When he realized that the distracted driver wasn’t looking, he jumped out of the way to safety. Moments later, Espinoza’s white phone was seen flying through the air.

In 2012 alone, over 400,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver. If that statistic isn’t sobering enough, consider this: at any given daylight moment, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or interacting with electronic devices while driving.

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