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Truck Driver Charged in Fatal Accident Was Partially Blind

The families of the victims of a July trucking accident that occurred in Channahon, IL are calling for a federal inquiry into exemptions that allowed the truck driver in the accident, Francisco Espinal-Quiroz, to maintain his license, despite the fact that he is partially blind.

According to current policy, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) makes exemptions for drivers with physical or medical issues if they can pass certain medical tests and demonstrate a safe driving record of at least three years. This exemption must be renewed every two years, and Espinal-Quiroz had just had his license renewed for the fourth time on July 20th‘ one day before the fatal accident.

Since it has come to light that the FMCSA was aware of Espinal-Quiroz’s impairment, there has been an outcry from not only the victims’ families, but also the general public. It is common knowledge that people with monocular vision, or vision in only one eye, have decreased depth perception and peripheral vision, both of which are key in operating a motor vehicle’ especially large trucks and semis.

The July 21st chain-reaction crash resulted in the deaths of five people. Espinal-Quiroz has been charged with 15 counts of reckless homicide as a result of the crash.

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