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Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

Traffic isn’t simple. In Atlanta alone, there are millions of cars on the road, multiple lanes, speed limits, road signs, and every car is full of people trying to get where they’re going quickly and safely. Add rainy or inclement weather to the mix, and suddenly things get a whole lot more complicated. With low visibility and slick roads, driving in the rain can often lead to serious car accidents.

Follow these tips from the leading auto accident lawyers at Moraitakis & Kushel, LLP to help ensure you have a safe journey the next time you drive in the rain:

How to Drive Safely in the Rain

Whether it’s drizzling, or you’re stuck in a torrential downpour, the following safe driving tips can keep you from having an accident on those slick and rainy days:

Slow Down!

While you may have a very important meeting or appointment to get to, slowing down in the rain can be the difference between arriving a few minutes late and finding yourself in a severe accident. To stay safe while driving in the rain, stay safely below the speed limit, and let speedier drivers pass you.

Stick To the Middle Lane.

Roads are designed to be highest in the middle lanes and lower on the outer lanes so that water can siphon naturally. Staying in the middle lane can keep you out of pools of deep water.

Maintain Proper Distance (Plus Some).

Ease up on other cars and keep a safe distance. Those few extra yards between you and the car in front can help keep you out of an auto accident in rainy conditions.

Use Your Headlights.

Headlights aren’t just for visibility’s sake. They’re also meant to alert other drivers to your presence. In low visibility conditions, headlights and taillights might be the only thing others can see of your vehicle.

Don’t Drive Through Moving Water.

If you can’t see the road through moving water or a large stationary puddle, go around it. If you try to drive through a puddle of unknown depths, your car might get stuck, and your engine might be flooded. Puddles can also conceal potholes, nails and glass, which can damage your tires.

Don’t Slam on the Brakes.

The best way to slow down in rain is to take your foot off the accelerator. If you have to make a full stop, lightly increase braking until you come to a complete stop. Slamming on your brakes can cause your wheels to lock and make your vehicle hydroplane.

Turn off Cruise Control.

While helpful during long drives, cruise control is counterproductive in rainy conditions. If your vehicle hydroplanes in wet conditions, it may actually accelerate.

Drive Smart.

This may seem obvious, but driving can become second-nature, especially on your daily commute. Stay alert, and if conditions become too hazardous or your visibility is extremely low, pull over, put your flashers on, and wait for the worst to pass.

Five Things to Do Before Driving in the Rain

An important part of staying safe in the rain is the preparation done before the rain ever comes. To make sure you’re as safe as possible in wet conditions, consider these car maintenance tips:

• Wipers. Make sure your wipers can easily wipe away rain or dirt without leaving streaks behind, which decrease visibility.
• Headlights. Check your headlights and replace any burned out bulbs. Cleaning your headlights regularly can also help increase visibility.
• Taillights. Your taillights are extremely important for others to see you during low-visibility weather conditions. Replace old bulbs and clean them regularly.
• Brakes. Your brakes need TLC from time to time. Make sure they brake easily, with short stopping distances.
• Tires. Bald tires do nothing to help provide traction while driving on slick roads. Check your tires to make sure they still have significant tread. If they don’t, replace them and have the auto shop rotate your tires.

Contact Moraitakis & Kushel: Top Atlanta Auto Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in a car accident during rainy conditions, or due to the negligence of another driver, contact the auto accident lawyers at Moraitakis & Kushel, LLP. They’ll work hard to make sure you receive justice for your injuries and property damage.

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