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Off-duty Santa Receives $1M Settlement with Trucking Co.

An off-duty Santa Claus has received a settlement of $1 million after a collision with a truck from DSL Express Trucking, Inc. After an initial erroneous report, and a subsequent investigation, Larry Bramlett of Suches, Georgia, reached an agreement with the defendant in settlement of the lawsuit.

On March 25, 2011, Mr. Bramlett and his wife Mary were travelling on I-75 in Henry County, Georgia, when the driver of the truck hit the trailer carrying their Harley Davidson motorcycles. This caused a wreck, injuring both Mr. and Mrs. Bramlett, and a lawsuit was filed June 24, 2011, in Henry County State Court. In the last two years, both Larry and his wife have undergone spinal disc surgeries for their neck and back injuries, of which they have now both recovered.

The initial police report ruled Mr. Bramlett was at fault, but after an accident reconstructionist was hired, it was proven that the driver did indeed hit their trailer. The police report was changed, and the charge against him was dropped. The two parties reached an agreement in early April of this year, and the off-duty Santa received his $1M settlement.

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