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Injured Marta Bus Rider Wins $29,000 Settlement

A man injured as he walked through a moving MARTA bus recently won a $29,000 settlement. Yet his lawyer had doubts about the case. Two-thirds of the potential jurors answered “yes” when asked if they were suspicious of clients who file lawsuits. To make matters worse, MARTA had been fighting the case for over two years, leaving at least one juror certain that MARTA had to be in the right.

Fortunately for the client, Carlton Williams, his lawyer, Steve Goldman agreed to forge ahead with the case. Williams was originally awarded $300,000 in damages, but the sum was decreased because the jury decided Williams was 22{feda45885e261fa14202848ec0416fdb5a1c332b072331bc4b7a4cd461f32529} responsible for his accident. Accounting for appropriated liability and pre-judgement interest, Williams walked away with nearly $240,000.

Goldman said he offered to file Williams’ claim for $50,000 before the trial. MARTA made a counter offer of only $7,500.

The incident occurred in October 2010 just after Williams boarded a bus on Covington Highway near Memorial Drive. Williams, then age 57, claimed the bus driver did not give him enough time to reach a seat. As the driver went into a turn, Williams was hurled back, then thrown right across the first row of seats, across a few other passengers, and into the window.

The driver’s testimony that he was not supposed to wait an extra second or two for a rider to take a seat seemed to be the key to the verdict.

Public Transportation Accidents at Moraitakis & Kushel, LLP

MARTA is funded by taxpayers and is therefore obligated to maintain all buses, trains and facilities it operates. This means if you slip and fall due to rainwater not being moped up or sustain an injury from using stairs or equipment left in disrepair, you may be entitled to a negligence settlement.

At Moraitakis & Kushel, LLP, we can file a claim on your behalf for monetary damages, such as lost wages, medical and hospital costs. We will also consider future expenses associated with reconstructive surgeries, the loss of your quality of life and earning potential.

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