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How to Drive Safely Around Motorcycles

Warm weather means more motorcyclists on the road. Driving a motorcycle can cause another level of danger on the road not only for themselves, but other drivers as well. Especially in the warmer months, drivers need to be extra cautious on the roadways.

Tips for Driving Around Motorcycles

Remember, motorcycles offer very little protection to drivers and passenger, meaning accidents can be extremely dangerous. Decrease your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident and keep these tips in mind next time you’re on the road.

Look before turning

The majority of car-versus-motorcycle accidents occur in intersections when a car turns in front of a biker. When you’re getting ready to make a turn through an intersection it is important to always look twice. The first look should be for other vehicles, and then take a second look specifically for motorcycles.

Check blind spots

Often, motorcycles can go unseen on the roadway. Since motorcycles are much smaller than the typical vehicle, they can “get lost” on the road. It is imperative for drivers to check their blind spots, especially before making a turn or passing another vehicle.

Increase driving distance

There are several obstacles on the roadway for every driver, but especially motorcyclists. Motorcycles don’t have the luxury of riding over potholes or other debris in the road with little damage. Increase your driving distance behind a motorcycle in case they have to avoid an obstacle on the road, or they hit something that was unavoidable.

Be conscious of the weather

Mother nature is known for causing problems on the roadway, enhancing the chances of accidents. Inclement weather is extremely dangerous for bikers, making it necessary for drivers to use extra caution when driving in difficult weather.

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