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Facility & Staff Face Charges in Nursing Home Abuse Investigation

ABC News reported that arrest warrants were issued for 21 employees of the Alzheimer’s Care of Commerce in Northeast Georgia. These employees now face more than 70 charges, including cruelty to people 65 or older, abuse, and neglect, among others. In several instances, acts of physical abuse were documented, and revealed that staff members struck patients residing at the Alzheimer’s Care of Commerce.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation continued their three-month probe for additional evidence of nursing home abuse by obtaining a search warrant. While searching, authorities found that bed sheets had been used to restrain patients, patients had been struck or hit with water, and several employees had prior felony convictions ranging from manslaughter to drugs. Among the suspects is the center’s owner as well as former and current employees.

According to the results of a Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee study, more than 30% of nursing homes in the United States alone received citations for nearly 9,000 accounts of abuse over a two year period. Nursing home neglect and abuse issues reported include:

‘¢ Inadequate medical care
‘¢ Dehydration
‘¢ Malnutrition
‘¢ Preventable accidents
‘¢ Bedsores
‘¢ Inadequate sanitation
‘¢ Unhygienic conditions

In more than 1,600 documented nursing home abuse violations, patients were found to be in serious danger, some patients to the extent that their lives were in jeopardy. Still in other situations, staff members were accused of sexual and/or physical abuse while changing or bathing residents. Reports also included employees declining aid for those residents who were being abused by other residents.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Many abused elders won’t report the nursing home neglect or abuse to family or police. Signs that could indicate abuse include:

‘¢ Significant changes in behavior
‘¢ Pressure sores
‘¢ Dehydration or malnutrition
‘¢ Patients left unattended for excessive periods of time
‘¢ Failure of response for calls of assistance

If you notice these, or any other unusual signs, your loved one may be experiencing nursing home abuse at the hands of their caregivers.

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