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$200 Million Paid by VA in Wrongful Death Cases

While many veterans receive high quality healthcare after their military service, in the past decade, the Department of Veterans Affairs has provided more than $200 million dollars in compensation for wrongful death suits. Journalists at the Center for Investigative Reporting recently found data from the VA about wrongful death payments made to nearly 1,000 military families.

Unfortunately, across the United States, veterans of all ages received inadequate care from the VA. The veteran wrongful death victims served in conflicts from World War II to the War in Iraq. The cases took place in 49 different states and Puerto Rico. The wrongful death suits ranged from nursing home negligence and untreated cancerous tumors to missed diagnoses and refused mental health services.

On average, the grieving families received $150,000 for the death of their loved one. Unlike medical service in the private sector, families of VA victims are excluded from punitive damages, and must go through an extensive administrative review. Using the exhaustive VA system, many suits carry on for years without compensation.

In the coming days, a congressional hearing is scheduled to discuss the growing number of wrongful death cases emerging from VA facilities. Top VA officials will be asked about employee discipline, unreported disease outbreaks, and extravagant bonuses given to high-level directors.

According to Representative Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, It’s not enough for VA to simply compensate the families of those who died. In order to provide real closure for those struck by these heartbreaking preventable deaths, VA needs to hold fully accountable the employees who allowed patients to slip through the cracks.’

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